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FUSIONPOINT was founded in June 1991 by Leland Lee. The company initially offered computer network and computer-related products and services. Along the way, the company's offerings expanded to include software, low voltage cabling, telephone systems, alarm systems, and video security.


During the 1990s, the company specialized in the school and local & state government markets which included customers throughout Georgia and Alabama. By 1998, the company had grown to 55 employees with two offices, one in Macon and the other in the metro-Atlanta area.


Around 2001, the company entered two new markets: convenience store networking, and home entertainment & automation. FUSIONPOINT developed a highly successful networking solution for convenience store chains. This solution included protocol conversion technology that allowed legacy devices inside convenience stores to be connected to a standard-based wide area network. When implemented using a broadband connection, the solution provided for speedy credit card processing, and real time inventory management & communication. In May of 2005, FUSIONPOINT, sold its networking division which included the convenience store solution to a national, publicly-traded company.

FUSIONPOINT now serves the audio, video & automation market exclusively. Prior to founding FUSIONPOINT and his involvement in the computer networking industry, our President Leland Lee had experience selling audio equipment for an electronics store during college, and later wrote reviews of high-end audio equipment and music for a hi-fi enthusiast's magazine, The Audio Journal, which he founded in 1978. Mr. Lee has brought his extensive experience in business, networking, audio, video and automation and systems integration to bear in creating today's FUSIONPOINT.


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