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FusionPoint Control Panel

Home Residential Networking



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Today’s homeowners rely on home networks for data, for video and to assist with many daily tasks. These networks are increasingly being integrated with television systems, DVRs, Blu-Ray players, business VPN connections and for many other uses. As the importance of home networking has grown, we have found that the quality of the home network has a large impact on a homeowner’s lifestyle.

Wireless networking, also known as WiFi, is very popular for its convenience, and it's a necessity for mobile devices. Many people have found that their experience with typical wireless networking equipment bought off the shelf is less than satisfactory. Coverage area issues, lock-ups and roaming issues between multiple wireless access points are typical. FusionPoint offers products and has the expertise to solve all of the issues people experience with WiFi. In fact, FusionPoint is the ONLY company in Middle Georgia with extensive knowledge and experience with both audio & video, and computers & networking.

For both new construction and retrofits in existing homes, FusionPoint offers wiring services for all forms of low voltage systems including audio & video, networking, intercom and security/alarm. FusionPoint's wiring systems are done according to industry best practices, and in a neat and workmanlike manner that results in a reliable wiring system that is easy to maintain and upgrade.


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