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High End Audio


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FusionPoint presents a wide range of the best components for enjoying the wonders of music. Our selection of products dedicated to music reproduction is the best in Middle & South Georgia. Our wide range of audio components offers you products that provide great sound, fit well with any home decorative style and are easy to use. A properly chosen high performance stereo system from FusionPoint will bring you many years of listening pleasure.

In home audio, FusionPoint's sales professionals have over 40 combined years of experience. Our product selection ranges from items at introductory price points to those representing the ultimate state of the listening art. In FusionPoint's sound rooms you can hear an entry-level integrated amplifier coupled with compact speakers for great budget sound, or the finest quality floor standing speakers in concert with state of the art source components and amplification from some of the world's most respected manufacturers. FusionPoint chooses the manufacturers we represent very carefully. In over 18 years of business we have seen hundreds of audio companies come and go, many with glowing 'product of the month' reviews. We represent only those companies who meet the test of time and who back up their products with great service.

Let our years of knowledge and experience assist you in creating a system that can grow with you as you experience the joy high performance home audio has to offer! We can also integrate an outstanding music system into your home theater and provide ways to get the best possible music reproduction from your iPod. Visit our showroom, bring your favorite musical selections, and treat your senses to an unparalleled musical experience.


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