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FusionPoint Control Panel


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Designing an automation system that meets your needs is a process of discovering how you will use your home and what is important to you. FusionPoint was the first company in Middle Georgia to venture into home automation, and we have more experience and capability of any other company in the area. We have over 12 years of experience working with systems from the simple ones to the most sophisticated designs to help you find what is right for you.

FusionPoint has three primary control system suppliers: Crestron, HAI & RTI. Crestron has been in the automation business for many years and offers options for any sized home. HAI has been in business since 1988, and is one of the pioneers in home automation. RTI has always offered terrific remote controls, and now they have expanded into complete home automation. Learn more in our home automation section.

A Crestron automation system from FusionPoint makes advanced home technology easy, offering a lifestyle of convenience and comfort. Total control is always at your fingertips, whether from an easy-to-use color touchpanel, remote or a customized keypad. A Crestron automation system from FusionPoint represents the best system of its kind, and is your ideal home control solution.

A Crestron automation system from FusionPoint lets you indulge in luxury with one touch. Using one button, your lights dim, shades close, the flat-screen TV turns on and you relax as your favorite movie begins. Listen to jazz CDs while you read in the den, the kids play video games in the media room, and your spouse listens to the radio on the terrace. Control your music from any room in the home – there's no need to walk to the stereo to choose a component, select CDs, change tracks or adjust volume. You can control security cameras and watch what's going on around the house on your touchpanel. Monitor your front door, watch the kids by the swimming pool, or check on the baby napping in the nursery.

You can walk all over your and control your home with one touchpanel. From your den, you can control the surround sound system there, go down to your basement and control the media center at the basement bar, walk out to the pool and control the music outdoors or in the whole home, and access a camera page on your touch panel to see who is at the front door! No specific panel is needed for each area-each panel can do anything and everything.

The HAI mission was to create a home automation system that was capable yet affordable. At its core, HAI is is fully capable home security system that can be expanded for lighting control, heat & air control, whole house music and home theater control, camera integration, and more. By using wireless devices, it is possible to install HAI in an existing home with a minimum of rewiring.

RTI's remote controls have been a favorite here at FusionPoint for a number of years. With the recent introduction of new products, RTI has expanded into complete home automation. The new products are compatible with a variety of subsystems including home theater control, lighting, HVAC control, whole house music & more. With RTI, we can now customize a surprisingly affordable, easy to use control system that's perfect for many homes.

Both Crestron and HAI offer remote access so you can check in on your home when you are away. (If you want to really make the neighbors wonder what's going on, you can even play music through your outdoor speakers!) We invite you to experience both HAI, Crestron and RTI in our showroom.

Lighting control is one of the fastest growing areas in home technology. These systems revolutionize the way you manage light in your home and provide superior lifestyle, security and energy savings benefits.

Today’s technology makes lighting and shading control available to a wide audience. Always a must have for large custom homes, easy to use lighting and shading control can now be retro fit into any size existing home for far less cost than in the past!

FusionPoint brings a level of expertise from installing more lighting and HVAC control systems than any provider in Middle Georgia to make your custom system simply amazing. Working with your builder and electrical contractor, we can transform ordinary lighting into an elegant system of lighting control that enhances your home's beauty and gives you freedom to easily set any mood you desire.

Lighting control gives you the ability to add to the beauty of your home and décor with an infinite variety of customized room and whole-house lighting scenes. One touch can dim lights for a soft romantic dinner, while another illuminates the house for a festive party and sets tasteful landscape lighting for your guests.

Keypads provide a clean, elegant look by combining the functions of many standard switches and dimmers into a single wall control, and can be matched to a home's paint colors, wallpaper, or décor. Contrast the elegant simplicity of a single keypad to the large bank of switches often found at the front door.

FusionPoint lighting control also integrates seamlessly with our HAI & Crestron automation systems. Let us show you how lighting and HVAC control greatly enhances your lifestyle, creating energy savings and contributing to green living as well!


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